Why not have a Daddy baby shower?
Try something new, a Daddy Baby Shower. Even though no one would realistically expect a new daddy-to-be to sit around with his closest buddies, opening baby shower gifts and playing party games while oohing and aahing over the imminent birth of his child. That does not mean that Dad cannot have a baby shower-type celebration. Daddy deserves to celebrate the birth of his child, too!

Of course, the term baby shower does invoke visions of baby themed parties. Like the one described above when planning a baby shower. So perhaps ‘baby shower’ is not an appropriate name for this get-together. Why limit yourself with a label, anyway? Call it a ‘celebrating-Jim’s-impending-fatherhood party, if you want, instead of baby showers for dad.

Here are a few suggestions to make this type of party one for daddy-to-be to remember:

Play Games:

Well, not baby shower games. But you can play poker, horseshoes or even a game of shirts-n-skins football in the back yard.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry:

Have tons of fattening and not-good-for-you foods. Make spareribs, cheese steaks, wings, and anything else you can eat with your hands and make a mess with. The wives will not be there to complain and you can grunt all you want. Have some beers (or soda if you prefer) and barbecue.

Last Night Out:

Take the dad-to-be out for a night on the town to rival his bachelor party. Do some bar hopping, play some pool, shoot some darts, and do not go home until you are kicked out of at least three places. Keep Dad safe, though, and designate someone to stay sober and make sure everyone gets home in one piece. You might also want to check with mom-to-be to make sure she is okay with this plan. She is, after all, pregnant and might not be all that amenable to the last-night-out-before-fatherhood party.

Gifts for Dad-To-Be:

Let the official baby shower take care of the baby necessities. Give Dad gifts for himself, or gifts that he would have chosen for the baby. Buy him a diaper tool kit, complete with goggles, rubber gloves, tongs, clothespin, and of course, diapering essentials, or a Daddy Gear Diaper Bag.

Gag gifts are fun, too. Or you could buy clothing for the new baby with Dad’s favorite sports team’s logo or matching Dad and Baby t-shirts. Think about necessities like batteries, too. Most likely they will not be on Mom’s registry, but all parents know that batteries are a hot commodity in any house with children. Be creative.

And do not forget that Dad might need some reading material to get himself up to date on the latest parenting trends. Consider getting him a book on fatherhood, funny or otherwise, or maybe a magazine subscription for daddy, such as American Baby Magazine.

Ask other new dads to think about what toys or objects were particularly helpful when their little ones were inconsolable, and either buy or recommend them for the times when dad-to-be is home alone with Junior.

Comfort Dad:

New Dads are usually pretty stressed out about what their life is going to be like after the new baby comes. Be prepared to have guests tell funny and helpful stories about their own experiences with becoming a daddy. Make it a point to reassure him that his wife is not crazy, she is just hormonal and this, too, shall pass.

Remember, daddy baby showers do not have to be like the traditional shower, or even called a shower, but you can have one for dad just the same.

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by Richard Cooper

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